The old Dropbox shared folder for the Jetyak project is being retired. A completely new design has been made, and as of October 2016, paper diagrams of the new design are being kept in the SCARR lab.

The old design docs, however, are not without value, and this document is an attempt at initiating the reader on the old design, so that they may better understand the new one. This document will essentially be a list of links to other documents, with explanations of relevant changes to the new design.

NOTE: This document is a historical one, and is NOT documentation of the new design in any way.

A Note About Versions

Several versions of the Jetyak are represented in this documentation. They are, in chronological order:

CPSD Jetyak

The CPSD (Coastal Processes & Sediment Dynamics) lab was where the first prototype, retroactively called version 1, was created in the summer of 2015. The underlying Mokai ES-Kape had different wiring, and as such, there are switch box and overall system layout incompatibilities between versions 1--2.1, which were designed for the CPSD ES-Kape, and version 2.2--2.3, designed for the AFRL ES-Kapes.

The CPSD lab has continued to improve their version independent of AFRL designs. The designs may at some point be merged, and the newer AFRL designs draw from work on the CPSD Jetyak, but for now, they are independent designs.

AFRL Jetyak

As mentioned above, version 2.1 and prior were designed for a previous version of the hardware.


This version does not show up much in these documents. It represents the early attempts in Fall 2015 to modify the CPSD design for the needs of the AFRL.


This version was very similar to version 2.2, and it was even more similar to the short-lived version 2.3. It represents the transition to the most recent layout ideology (though notably the new version removes the centralized power box, a hallmark of this and later versions 2.2 and 2.3). It was designed in the first months of 2016 and further developed in May 2016.


This version was the most mature. It was the first to be compatible with the AFRL ES-Kapes. Were it not for the issues with MacArtney's connector pricing and Apoorv Jagtap and I (Chris McKinney) essentially abandoning the project in late June, this probably would have been built. Most of the documents linked to here will deal with version 2.2.

As alluded to above, this version used MacArtney connectors, which were used quite differently to the Switchcraft connectors used in all other versions. This document will note the relevant differences on a document-by-document basis.


Version 2.3 was a small modification of 2.2 that attempted to convert the version 2.2 layout to use Switchcraft connectors again. Shortly after it was started, Yiannis did a "reboot" of sorts of the project, and started looking for Electrical Engineering students to work on the project.

Component Data Sheets

These are data sheets for various components used on the Jetyak.


These deal with the 900 MHz radio used on the Jetyak for MavLink to the Pixhawk.

RFD900 Data Sheet [PDF]

RFD900 Software Manual [PDF]


Velodyne Wiring Diagram [PDF]

Sonardyne USBL

Sonardyne USBL Data Sheet [PDF]

On Ordering

The rest of the document is broken down by version in forward chronological order. Why not reverse chronological order? Surely the more relevant documents are the more recent ones. The versions are in forward chronological order because this project has not been well documented up to this point, and some relevant details are assumed knowledge in later documentation. The hope is that as you go through the documentation, earlier documentation can be a reference for understanding later documentation.

Preliminary Notes

Preliminary Notes [PDF]

Notes from the first meeting on the prospect of designing a Jetyak. Included here because it has a number of useful links.

Version 1/CPSD

Vehicle Connectors [PDF]

This document is included because it is the only real documentation of connector pin outs for versions 1--2.1. The exact pin outs should be disregarded, but hopefully this gives you an idea of what is carried on what cable.

CPSD ES-Kape Manual from Mokai [PDF]

This is the manual that came with the Mokai ES-Kape used at the CPSD lab. A physical manual for the new Jetyaks should be available in the SCARR lab. There should, however, be few differences.

Flight Modes

SA up: Manual (6)
SB up:
- SA mid: Auto (1)
- SA down: Auto (4)
SB mid:
- SA mid: Learning (2)
- SA down: Steering (5)
SB down:
- SA mid: Hold (3)
- SA down: Manual (6)

SD down sets CH7 high.

Mode control to configure on the FrSky Taranis (RC controller). This still applies.

Radio Connections to Pixhawk [PDF]

Pin connections between the Pixhawk and the radios (RFD900 and D8R-XP). This still applies.

Pixhawk Parameters from Lake Murray Test [Mission Planner Parameter File]

Parameters for the Pixhawk used at Lake Murray for the November 15 2015 test. Probably not drop-in-and-go for new versions, but will be a good starting point once a new model is completed.

Version 2.0/"Beta"

"New" Power Box Design [PDF]

This document has a useful table on the first page providing estimates of maximum power draw for various systems.

Version 2.0 ("Prototype 1") Bill of Parts [PDF]

Where might I buy a FrSky Taranis? If a component has been a part of the project for a long time, it will probably be linked to in here.

Version 2.1/"Stripped"

Version 2.1 ("Stripped") Bill of Parts [OpenDocument Spreadsheet]

Slightly updated bill of parts from the "Prototype 1" list above. Included because this is the last version to have a proper consolidated bill of parts. This one, however, has an annoying lack of links.

Version 2.2

Fully Documented Boxes

The radio and boxes had full documentation for version 2.2. The designs for both of these boxes are almost identical to their current designs, except that where MacArtney connectors are used in these designs, Switchcraft connectors are used (in the case of the 16-conductor connector on the radio box, two 8-conductor Switchcarft connectors are to be used), and there are no internal Molex connectors in the new designs.

Radio Box [PDF]

Switch Box [PDF]

Diagrams of Other Boxes

The other two boxes, the Pixhawk box and the power box, just have diagrams for version 2.2 (NOTE: the power box diagram is actually for version 2.1). Also included here is an overview diagram. Dotted areas are not part of the core Jetyak system; instead, they are payloads.

Pixhawk Box [PDF]

Power Box 2.1 [PDF]

Overview Diagram [PDF]

AFRL Mokai ES-Kape Pin Outs

ES-Kape Pin Outs [PDF]

Details the pin outs of the connectors on the Mokai ES-Kape targeted by all Jetyak versions 2.2 and up.

Version 2.3

Version 2.3 Connectors [OpenDocument Spreadsheet]

Lists the Switchcraft connectors used to replace the MacArtney connectors used in version 2.2.